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Hotel Imperial ( Imperial ) Bukovel-oftiny the website of the hotel

Hotel Imperial roztashuvannya on Kurort Bukovel, 600 meters from grilling Paiania "With 2". To the hotel guests bezkoshtovne Wi-Fi the private Parking lot there. Middle of prochnosti - kitchen W oven I scruffily PCCW TV set iz flat-screen television that kabeline. Have pomeshkanni pratsyuє item rental Legnago sporyadzhennya. Okolic popular middle lubitel pokatatsya on lijah depravities from the bike path. pohulanka. Hotel Imperial roseni for 1.7 miles from grilling Paiania "With R2" TA for 1,9 km od grilling Paiania "With 14". Vastani from a pledge to najblizszego International airport "Ivano-Frankivsk" becoming 62 km.


1. Precum tsilodobovo that without vidna. And without Holy. 2. Be caress, priejaite tilki s dtmi without domashnih tvarin. Mi h loved duże, ale not can razmestili in our Hotel. 3. No Smoking — this is not just a sign ABO nichogo not VARTA the request. And our vimage. Curití is possible on balconies and terraces. I we duzhe good working protipozarni signaldata, mi Pereval. 4. Duzhe just show your Cologno awareness and care about the world. For tsogo need vsogo lachey when vihod s cmnty wincote light and a TV set, sukriti Vikna I vodoprovidna Kranj. At the same time VI Padaste help our defenders DTM vdni butt Vdovin Povedniki.

Check-in 14:00
Check-out 12:00
Reservation cancellation You can saswati your booking, if you have Smylie planning on vidpochinok. For skasuvannya Bron dostatno go to posyandu "Saswati booking" at your list pdfengine Bron (yakscho VI of bronovil online) or contact asetia s vddlo booking the hotel over the phone

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For Garant booking potrebna predoplata in Rosmer 15% vartist accommodation. Rules skasuvannya booking I povernennya predoplaty: skasowany When booking more than 14 days before calendari zaplanovano dati your Sandu - payment bude powermenu in pounamu obsas for virechanam 10% od Sumi payment for bishock rozrahunkiv into Your account rozrahunkovo (map) at Grun. When sisovann booking less than 14 days calendari gothel not poverty predoplatu.

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